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Judrest Agro business group

Judrestgroup is an Agri-business company based in Uganda, Registered by Guarantee by Laws of the Government of Uganda in 2021. We are registered purposely for Agricultural advisory services with objective to skill and empower Farmers through Training and mentorship. We are also involved in the Commercial production, processing, distribution and trade of Agro-based products as well as Agri-based consultancy services especially capacity building and research.

We also produce and supply angricultural products of a high quality rate.

About Us

We are devoted to productivity, quality, quantity, profitability, sustainability, reliability and opportunity in commercial agriculture as well as Agri-business development programs. Hence, we interact, for innovation, expertise and impact, with agronomists, soil scientists, researchers, and extensionists from national and international agricultural research institutes and universities.

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Our Projects


We produce processed maize seed, rice and flour.

Large Scale Farming

We traing Framer large scale farming practice to enhence their finaces.


We supply products from domestic birds and also give farmers measured for benefiting from layering domestic birds


We educate farmers for benefit from pig farming and we also supply pig feeds.

Our Produces


These are one of the sources of the most required nutients in body especially for sight protect.


Apart meat these rabbits provides with fur that is used to heal burns and their waste is to produce fertilizers.


Tomatos have support large no of industries like hotel and tomato source industries hence a need for high quality tomato seed production and tomato farming.


Among the citrus crops, oranges have been found to be the mostly liked crop where its can eated when its flesh and is used in processing of different kinds of flavoured drinks

Recents Posts

Maize Packaging

Keeping packed maize safe from pest for a long period of Time.
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Cattle feeds

Preservation of feeds for cattle for example hay for feeding cattle in dry seasons.
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Citrus crops

What to do when your orange or remon is affected by a disease.
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How to care for cabbage from nursay bed to maturity.
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Processing of mature coffee to produce coffee tea.
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How to use banana to make flour for baking Capati and bread
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Weather forecusting

Recording weather changes for both current and future weathers changes

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Water crops during the dry weather condition.

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Farm mechanisation

Use of machines in agriculture for example tractors.

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